Saving money on my Walt Disney World ticket

A visit to Disney World is associated with two things, a fun time, and a huge dent in your wallet. Everybody considers Walt Disney resorts to be expensive. However it doesn't have to be that way.

If you can plan ahead you really can save money on your Walt Disney World ticket. No matter whether you plan to visit the magic kingdom, Epcot, Disney-MGM studies, or the animal kingdom it is possible to reduce the cost of your Walt Disney World ticket.

You should also use the internet to track down the best deals and also use the following money saving tips that we'll look at below. It really is possible to save a lot of money on a Walt Disney World ticket.

You should look into any discount Disney World ticket deals. Low price accommodation that is within a convenient distance of Disney World can reduce the price. Also look into the Disney packages to see if they would be of any benefit to you.

Although it can be difficult with children if possible try to travel off season. Normally this makes your whole holiday a lot cheaper. Your Walt Disney World ticket would be much lower travelling out of season. You will also be able to benefit from lower flight costs and hotels.

If you are staying in one of Disney's own resorts then make sure you use the transportation that's provided as it's free to all residents. You can use this to get to all of the different theme parks, water parks, and downtown Disney.

Buy your souvenirs outside the park. The gifts in the park are very expensive try going to a factory outlet store that stocks Disney merchandise. This will be much cheaper than in the park.

There are lots of things you can do in Disney World for free just take a stroll around Disney's boardwalk or hike through the preserve. Free things can still be fun you don't have to spend money to entertain your family.

When you want to eat go to one of the all you can eat buffet restaurants that are close to Disney World. There are lots of great restaurants very close to Disney World.

If you're ok not staying in a Disney hotel then you can save a lot of money that way. There are many budget hotels in the vicinity most of these even provide transport to and from Disney World.

Pick up all of the free publications you can lay your hands on. These almost always have discount coupons for one thing or another. You should be able to find a Disney attraction voucher somewhere.

When you are looking which hotel to stay at ask whether or not breakfast is included. Staying at a hotel that provides a complimentary breakfast will save quite a bit of money.

Do your background research by reading all of the online guides. Try to find out about discount tickets, accommodation, and package deals.

If your family is large then it might be better value for money to rent a vacation home rather than staying in a hotel. Most vacation homes have garages, pools, and kitchens.

Take you r own food especially if you are travelling with young children. Food is very expensive in the parks so take food and drink with you. You can pack all of this in a backpack just some snacks and juice is ok.

There are still good deals to be had with the on site hotels. Disney's budget range of hotels known as all-star is quite competitive and still has all the same magic of Disney. All of these hotels also offer complimentary travel to and from the Disney theme parks. These also have food courts in the hotels.

A Disney character breakfast is a very expensive way for your children to get to meet their favorite characters. Instead of this take your kids to Town square at Main Street. Here they can get autographs and photos with popular Disney characters.

There are a number of different Walt Disney World ticket deals available make sure you choose the right one depending on how long you want to stay. You must be aware that you need a rest though.

Eating lunch in the restaurants is cheaper than eating dinner. So try to eat out at lunch time and make that your big deal of the day. This should save quite a lot of money.

Whenever you leave the park make sure you get your hand stamped. You want to be allowed to go back in once you've had food and a little rest. By the time you go back hopefully it's not quite as busy.

There are many different annual events and festivals that Walt Disney World offers. Many of these events are included with the price of admission so you may want to time your trip to fit in with these times.

There are lots of water fountains throughout the park, use your own bottle and keep this filled up at the fountains.

Set a budget to spend on souvenirs set this budget in stone. Do not be tempted to spend more than you allowed yourself put your foot down!

If you are a member of the AAA or AARP then you can often get great Walt Disney World ticket discounts and benefit from the special rates. Who would want to pay more than they had to?

Go to one of the off-site hotels and restaurants that offer a "kids eat free" deal. This allows one child for each adult to eat free so for small families it's a great deal.

Make sure you buy everything you need for your holiday before you leave home. Don't buy sunscreen in the park these items are extremely expensive.

The Disney's magical express will transport you to and from Orlando airport for free if you are staying at one of the resorts in Disney World. However it is important to note that you need to make reservations beforehand.

Try not to go to Disney World during holidays or spring break. During these times the park is not only more expensive but it's busier too.

So there you have it there are some great ways to get great deals when you are buying your Walt Disney World ticket.

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